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Getting active in sustainability week


Insurance carrier

Start date

September 2023



The goal

The purpose was to internally build a more united team with a higher environmental awareness.

"I recommend this initiative because it offers a complete program for organizations: educational, easy to implement, encourages participation among employees and, in addition, allows you to help with a solidarity project. It has undoubtedly contributed significantly to strengthening the connection between employees and the positive impact they can have on our planet.”
Vanessa Aroca - Marketing Manager at Kereis Iberia

The solution

A goal was set to reduce CO2 emissions during project implementation, along with the careful and strategic choice of sustainable actions. This allowed employees to learn while making a positive impact and developing new habits geared toward sustainability. In addition, during the process, metrics were generated for management and decision making in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the initiative.

The result

Employees demonstrated notable commitment by actively participating in the initiative and an increase in the sense of belonging to the company could be observed. This factor contributed significantly to promoting a more motivated and positive work environment.


Kg CO2 no

water-tap 1.png

L of water not wasted

bin 1.png

Kg waste saved


Sustainable actions carried out

people 2.png

Participation during the challenge

Let's talk

Get in touch with our team to find out about our plans adapted to the needs of your organization and thus create a positive impact on the environment together. 

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