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Building a committed team



Start date

January 2022


Spain, Mexico, Colombia

The goal

The goal of A3Sec is to achieve a cultural transformation within the corporation in terms of environmental education and the positive impact of daily actions at an individual level. It was proposed to create a private environment for employees in order to facilitate their learning and development on sustainability issues, while promoting a business culture that prioritizes the environment and staff well-being.

Testimonio cliente A3Sec
"Collaborating with The Good Goal has been a success. All the objectives set have been met, and it has been very easy to work with the team. We will repeat the dynamic with a longer duration of the challenge to be able to see long-term results" .
Javier Lopez-Tello - CEO at A3Sec

The solution

A CO2 savings objective was proposed for all of A3Sec's different international headquarters to be achieved during the duration of the challenge, and a series of sustainable actions with valuable information explaining why to take action and how to do it, so that Employees learned as they generated positive impact and acquired new sustainable habits.

The result

The result was very positive due to the high participation of individuals, which facilitated the creation of a space for connection between departments and headquarters in which participants identified with the organization, principles and values.


Kg CO2 no

water-tap 1.png

L of water not wasted

bin 1.png

Kg waste saved


Sustainable actions carried out

people 2.png

Participation during the challenge

“It has helped me understand that it is in our hands to contribute our grain of sand to help the environment and to contribute to improving collective well-being. More initiatives like this are needed in companies to reinforce our sustainable habits.”
Juan José Arredondo - Participant in the A3Sec challenge

Let's talk

Get in touch with our team to find out about our plans adapted to the needs of your organization and thus create a positive impact on the environment together. 

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