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Putting the employee at the center



Start date

February 2024



The goal

The Naturgy Foundation has a volunteer program for Naturgy employees where they launch different initiatives. They had long wanted to try a different and innovative way of involving them to improve their environmental awareness and reduce their impact. The ultimate goal is to be able to scale the initiative globally to create a corporate culture that puts the well-being of staff and the environment at the forefront.

Testimonial Naturgy.png
"People have been very involved and the feedback from employees is very positive. We have also achieved an impact and CO2 savings well above the initial target set. The best thing is that people do not need to spend a lot of time on it and it has been one of the initiatives that has generated the most engagement. For us it has been a success and we are very happy with the service and support that The Good Goal has given us."
Javier Ocaña - Head of Social and International Projects at the Naturgy Foundation

The solution

A target was set for savings in CO2 emissions, water consumption and the amount of waste during the execution of the project, selecting sustainable actions strategically to generate the greatest possible adherence. It was also complemented with a communication strategy through different channels to achieve a 360º experience that would optimize engagement.

The result

The result was exceptional, demonstrating a remarkable commitment on the part of employees, as they became actively involved in the initiative and exceeded the proposed objective on two occasions. For Naturgy, this is one of the most successful experiences in terms of employee participation, involvement and satisfaction. Therefore, we are working on scaling up the implementation with the aim of transferring it to the company's global corporate.


Kg of CO2 not

water-tap 1.png

L of water


bin 1.png

Kg of waste



Sustainable actions performed

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Participation during the challenge

“The Good Goal App has helped me to be consistent with my sustainable actions, since I usually forget to carry them out with the same rigor due to the day-to-day routine. Personally, it has motivated me a lot, especially to see how we surpassed the proposed goal as a team."
Employee at Naturgy and participant in the initiative.

Let's talk

Get in touch with our team to find out about our plans adapted to the needs of your organization and thus create a positive impact on the environment together. 

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