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The Good Goal

Your Sustainability Partner

How do we help you?

Together we build sustainable companies 


Driving ESG strategies by aligning and involving people


We measure and report key indicators


We improve the operational efficiency of your teams


We reinforce your positioning and reputation in sustainability values

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We strengthen the bond with your collaborators

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We create sustainable solutions adapted to your needs

Our formula

Empathy + Innovation, match for Success

The purpose is the same, but each company is unique.

Our solutions adapt to your challenges to drive change with sustainable leadership.

Our solutions

Cultural transformation software and positive impact

Empower your strategic plans by engaging and incentivizing your teams with a 'co-opetition' on our gamified platform for sustainable habits and positive impact calculation.

Cultural transformation is necessary to change and generate results that last over time.

Comprehensive training

From Senior Management, through Management and technicians. E-learning, interactive workshops, master classes... choose the most appropriate training modality for each group and need


If sustainability sounds new to you, we help you lay the foundations for your strategy and action plans. Having a roadmap helps achieve goals and build high-performing teams.

Tailored digital solutions

If you want to develop your own technological solution, we help you design and create it.

We are experts in digital and sustainable products!

Tell us your ideas and we will carry them out.

Cultural transformation in organizations is necessary to accompany the process of adaptation to new market and society scenarios.


When employees feel the culture of your company is their own, they are more committed and enjoy their work more.

Why is cultural transformation important?

Cultural transformation

Equipo formándose

Our tool

How does The Good Goal SaaS work?

Our software improves sustainable habits and measures the environmental impact of people and environmentally conscious organizations in an accessible, easy and motivating way, favoring a cultural transformation and the alignment of employees with ESG strategies.

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Different challenges according to your organization's ESG goals

Awareness-raising and training through sustainable actions

Measuring progress with our positive impact calculator

“Coopetition" and rankings for a new business culture

Goodie: the sustainability coach for your employees

The Good Goal App

Dashboard de métricas

Dashboard: Real-time Business Intelligence

Our Control Panel allows you to know the savings indicators, data processing and traceability for the generation of sustainability reports and non-financial reports.

Benefits of our tool

Create a unique and flexible experience

We customize and adapt the service to your needs

Real-time impact measurement

Metrics dashboard and positive impact calculator

"Coopetition", a fun way to build teams

Gamification, different types of ranking, incentives, etc.

We adapt to your needs

Possibility of integrating our tool into your internal system

Small inputs lead to big results

Acquisition of daily habits and a common goal to be achieved

Our plans

Nothing to lose.

All for win.

We adapt our tool so that you can achieve the greatest positive impact by putting people at the center.

Impact+ Plan

Achieve your sustainable development goal with this awareness-raising experience taken into action, in which your team will compete and collaborate to achieve a common goal in one of the impact topics we offer.


Up to 100 users

Up to 1 month duration






Transformation Plans

Involve your teams as protagonists and agents of change to build a sustainable culture aligned with your ESG strategy.

TGG Starter

Start raising awareness among the people on your team about sustainable habits in a fun and disruptive way.


€/person month*

From 10 users

Onboarding KIT

Initial level of involvement questionnaire

20 sustainable actions

Maintenance and support

User verification system and actions

Gamification and individual ranking

Metrics Dashboard
(1 access)

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TGG Lite

Create a culture of positive impact by activating people as protagonists of sustainable development.


€/person month*

From 50 users

All the Starter plus

+ 20 sustainable actions (40 in total)

Gamification and individual ranking + teams

Metrics dashboard (3 accesses in total)

CO2 savings goal

Customizable interface

Chat Goodie (Chatbot)

TGG Certificate

4 challenges per year (1 challenge per quarter on the same topic)

Employee feedback (survey)

Evaluation report/reporting

TGG Plus

Strengthen the ESG strategy by aligning the team with your objectives in a personalized transformation experience.


€/person month*

From 50 users (Min 3 months)

All TGG Lite plus

+ 20 sustainable actions (60 in total)

Metrics dashboard (5 accesses in total)

Customizable interface

Action customization

Target customization

Equipment customization

Solidarity trophy

4 challenges per year (1 challenge per quarter with different themes)

Employee feedback (survey + interviews)


Custom developments, platform integration... We adapt to create the perfect solution for you.


Integration (optional)

*Save on Transformation plans by purchasing annual packages or high amount of users

The Good Clients

Multiplying impact

Julia Krack.png
"It has helped us to better understand the impact of our daily actions and to promote team motivation. There has been a lot of involvement and our employees' sense of belonging to the organization has increased, as they appreciate the fact that the company is committed to this type of initiative."
Julia Gonzalez - Responsible for Sustainability at Krack

Learn more about our success stories

Are you ready to take the first step towards sustainable development in your organization?

We are here to help you. Complete this questionnaire and we will contact you to show you our platform and all that The Good Goal can offer you.

Are you an employee or student and would like to implement The Good Goal in your organization?

Don't worry! Leave us the contact information of the person in charge of human resources or sustainability and we will contact him/her :)

Are you ready to take the first step towards sustainable development in your organization?

We are here to help you. Complete this questionnaire and we will contact you to show you our platform and all that The Good Goal can offer you.


Will you take action or
will you conform?

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