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Creating sustainable teams


Fashion and textile

Start date

May 2023



The goal

Krack's purpose is to promote sustainability in the company but building relationships and work teams located in various places in the country. The objective of our implementation was to use gamification and technology to strengthen employee relationships and achieve positive impact results during that process.

Julia Krack.png
"It has helped us to better understand the impact of our daily actions and encourage team motivation. There has been a lot of involvement and the feeling of belonging of our employees with the organization has increased, since they value that the company is committed to this type of initiatives."
Julia Gonzalez - Head of Sustainability at Krack

The solution

An experience was created that brought together employees from different areas and locations across the country in order to promote new interactions and engagement with the company. The activity included various activities related to sustainability and a goal was set to reduce CO2 emissions during the challenge.

The result

The result was very positive, since the participants showed great commitment by participating in the initiative and in debates within the chat groups that were created. The client expressed its satisfaction with the execution of the project, since a significant increase in the feeling of belonging of the employees towards the company was observed, which contributed to retaining talent and fostering a more motivated and positive work environment.


Kg CO2 no

water-tap 1.png

L of water not wasted

bin 1.png

Kg waste saved


Sustainable actions carried out

people 2.png

Participation during the challenge

“I love the initiative of this app and I think it is super positive to be aware of how important it is to take care of the details and that every action, no matter how small, counts. Of course we can all do something to take care of our planet and thanks to this app I am even more aware of it. Thank you!."
Employee at Krack and participant in the initiative.

Let's talk

Get in touch with our team to find out about our plans adapted to the needs of your organization and thus create a positive impact on the environment together. 

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